University of Applied Sciences Velika Gorica is higher education institution provides five undergraduate professional and three postgraduate specialist study programmes with curricula realized using advanced technologies, that are being constantly improved, renewed and allowing the students easier knowledge transfer so that when they enter the labour market they will have better opportunities of employment and getting ahead in their careers, i.e. existence in one of today’s modern organizations.

One of five undergraduate professional study programmes is Optometry. Graduated students of Optometry obtain very specific professional competences: optical correction of refraction and other anomalies of eyes, independent determination and application of necessary glasses, determination and fitting of contact lenses and other aids for vision improvement, recognition of anomalies of the visual system, vision ergonomics, consultation regarding proper use and handling of glasses and contact lenses and other visual aids.

Our aim is strengthening the optometric profession in the region by organising the Optometry Conference of Central and South-Eastern Europe.

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Round Table 2016